Juicing Recipes to Support, Not Replace Your Healthy Lifestyle

Juicing Recipes to Support, Not Replace Your Healthy Lifestyle

We’ve already covered the effects of juicing in our Miracle Juice Cleanse article, but there’s nothing to say that a juice or smoothie as part of your healthy diet won’t be beneficial. After all, they do contain vitamins and minerals that are better consumed in food than any supplement. If you’re stuck for ideas on how to make delicious, healthy juices then you’re in luck thanks to our fantastic juicing recipes below.

Juicing Recipes for Going Green

It can be difficult to get your recommended dose of leafy greens each day, so whizzing them into a juice is a quick and easy way to pack them in for a refreshing juice that’s a great morning pick me up or ideal for post workout.

Hulk Juice

(Apple + Cucumber + Celery) + (Spinach/Kale/Green Cabbage Leaves) + (Ginger Root and Parsley) = A green, tasty and zingy juice for a great energy boost.

Vitamin Shot

(Spinach/Kale/Cabbage Leaves) + (Oranges + Parsley) + (Lemon/Lime) = A delicious immunity booster with a citrus taste and plenty of Vitamin C.

Carrot Juicing Recipes

Veggie Delights

You may not have given much thought to vegetable juices before, but they offer plenty of tasty flavours to help you get your daily intake. Eat with a meal or have as a mid-morning snack to refresh your body.

The Healthy Bloody Mary

(Tomato + Lemon/Lime) + (Parsley + Kale/Spinach/Green Cabbage Leaves) + (Celery + Cucumber) = A refreshing morning tonic to get your day off to a great start.

Blood Orange

(Carrots + Celery + Cucumber) + (Ginger + Oranges) + (Tomato + Parsley) = A sweet vegetable juice ideal for those who dislike the celery taste.

Juicing Recipes Girl

Get Fruity

Fruit juices are a firm favourite and offer some great flavours with different combinations. Adding some leafy greens and vegetables brings even more flavour as well as other nutrients which you may not get from fruit alone.

Citrus Twist

(Apple) + (Lemon/Lime) + (Mint + Oranges) = A real thirst quencher which will help perk you up, ideal for hot summer days.

Berry Berry Ice

(Apple+ Berries) + (Carrots + Oranges) + (Spinach/Kale/Green Cabbage Leaves) = A delicious fruity juice packed with plenty of vitamins to get you through the day.

Magic Mocktails

If you’re avoiding alcohol but still want the feeling of a cool refreshing drink in your hand, you’ll love these delicious mocktail ideas. If it wasn’t for the hangover free morning, you’d never know they weren’t the real thing.

Mojito Juicing Recipes

Mellow Mojito

(Apple + Cucumber) + (Lemon or Lime) + (Mint) = Your favourite Cuban cocktail minus the rum. Add some soda water to make it even more refreshing.

Carrot Apple Martini

(Apples + Carrots) + (Cucumber + Ginger) + (Lemon/Lime) = A cool, tangy drink to enjoy in the sunshine.

By making your own juices from these juicing recipes, you’ll know exactly what you’re putting into your body, as well as finding a great way to use up that fruit and veg which is only going to end up in the bin.

We love coming up with great new juicing recipes and ideas, why not share yours?

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