If Detoxing Is a Myth – What Can You Do To Get Yourself Healthy?

If Detoxing Is a Myth – What Can You Do To Get Yourself Healthy?

Despite the endless availability of detox products and detoxing diet plans, it seems that there is no actual medical evidence to prove that these programmes are effective. This is sure to be disturbing news to those who have thought that a detox would fix all of their body issues but the classic advice of ‘eat right and exercise’ is still the best way to get in shape and be healthy. We explore the truth behind some common dieting fads to help give you a better idea of what can be done to boost your health.

Why ‘Detoxing’ is a Scam

The idea of detoxing is one that has been created by manufacturers in order to sell you products that you think will make you feel like you’ve ‘cleansed’ your body. The hype surrounding these products isn’t helped by the misleading before and after pictures and the celebrity endorsements on Instagram. The truth is that you already have everything you need to detox effectively – your liver and kidneys, whose function is to rid your body of any toxins put into it.

It’s important to note however that detox from substance abuse is a different concept, one which is needed in order to save addicts from being consumed by drugs and alcohol.

Juice Detoxing

Explaining detox

In any explanation offered as to ‘what is a detox’, the word toxins is thrown about. What these toxins are though is a question that not many can answer, including the manufacturers of these so called detox products. If you don’t even know what toxins you’re supposed to be eliminating from your body, how are you supposed to do it?

Other detox fads

Another detoxing fad which gets a lot of attention for the wrong reasons is a colon cleanse. It would be concerning if your body was unable to eliminate waste in the way it’s supposed to and that you relied on a colon cleanse in order to ease leftover waste that is pouring toxins into your system. The truth is that there are no proven benefits to colonic irrigation and by undergoing the treatment you not only run the risk of bowel perforation but a drop in your immunity from washing away everything from your bowel. Most other detox fads can also be put down to gimmicks and your body’s natural reaction to eating and drinking.

What you can do

If we’ve successfully debunked all myths associated with detoxing, then great. But now you’re probably wondering what you can do in order to get healthy and give your body the nutrients it needs to function. The answer, as we’ve discussed before is plenty of exercise and eating the right diet, as well as avoiding smoking, drugs and other damaging substances. A diet rich in protein, natural oils, grains and fruit and vegetables will help keep your body in shape and fuel it with what it needs. Anything else that you are told to do, be it a diet or a type of cleanse is likely to be nonsense.

Detoxing Running

And there you have it. Next time you see the word detox, remember that it is a concept created by companies to sell you something that you think you need. Instead, go for a run, hit the gym and cook yourself a healthy meal – adopting a healthier way of living for the rest of your life will be far more beneficial than any supposed detox diet.

I am a big believer in making your own healthy juices, but not just using fruit in the juices but vegetables too. The benefits for and against juicing are discussed in our article The Miracle Juice Cleanse.

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