10 Things You Should Know About Dating Athletic Girls

10 Things You Should Know About Dating Athletic Girls

1. She’s Committed to Her Training

If it’s the night before a class or a training session, she’s not going to miss it for a late night with you. It’s important to her that she gets a decent night’s sleep and be fresh for her workout so let her go home or be prepared to get up at the crack of dawn when she leaves for her training.

2. She Will Eat, A Lot.

Hallelujah to the girl who won’t sit around pushing a salad for an hour whilst you eat your steak and chips. An athletic girl needs to fuel her body, and whilst she can eat a burger and chips with the best of them, she’ll be sure to be giving her body what it needs in order to work effectively. It’s best not to comment on her appetite either to save yourself getting punched in the arm, hard.

3. She’s Got Power (and can probably take you!)

She’s strong and fierce and will have no qualms about taking you on in an arm wrestle. If you want to save your pride, don’t challenge her and avoid any negative remarks about her seemingly superhuman strength – she is not Wonder Woman in disguise.

Dating Athletic Girls Strong

4. She’s Strong, Not Skinny

Your athletic girl will have worked hard and be proud of her muscles and will want you to be too. If you prefer skinny girls, go ahead and find one of those but don’t expect her to stick around if you don’t love her for her body, muscles and all.

5. She’s Got a Glamorous Side Too

She might spend a lot of time in the gym and workout gear, but just wait until she gets dressed up. Your athletic girl will jump at the chance to get dressed up and glamorous for the evening, and we’re sure you’ll be able to appreciate the way those clothes fit her body.

6. Trying to Compete With Her is a Waste of Time

If you’re feeling insecure by her strength, it’s your issue and not hers. Her training may be completely different to yours, so if she can’t run a marathon as fast as you or take you on in a game of tennis, it may just mean that she has different strengths. Trying to compete will just cause arguments and nobody needs those where they can be avoided.

Dating Athletic Girls Happy

7. Working Out Is Her Therapy

If she’s upset or angry, let her go to the gym in peace. It’s a great way for her to work out her frustration, even if it’s caused by you. She’ll return much calmer and in a better mood to talk you about what’s going on.

8. She’ll Happily Watch the Game With You

One of the biggest bonuses of dating an athletic girl? She’ll sit and watch the game with you, and enjoy it. No more being moaned at to change the channel or having to go to the pub for peace and quiet, you’ve now got someone to enjoy it with who won’t interrupt you as that crucial goal is being scored.

9. A Massage Will Work Wonders

Better brush up on your massage skills as displaying good massage technique will mean that you are golden. After a hard gym session, a massage will be just what she needs to feel relaxed, and who knows what will come next…

Dating Athletic Girls Massage

10. She Does It For Herself

One last thing to make clear, all of her hard work and all of her efforts are done for herself. Whilst you may get to enjoy the results, don’t assume that everything she’s done is for you – support her and encourage her in all of her goals.

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